Volunteer Spotlight: Samantha Kruse and New Life Church: Here 2 Serve



Samantha (Sam) Kruse of New Life Church in Goshen first experienced Habitat for Humanity on a mission trip last summer in southern Indiana. Her church life group was working at a Habitat warehouse helping to organize the facility. “Our team just did awesome working together. There was just something extra special about the whole experience.”

As  they were leaving, someone on the team asked why hadn’t their team worked at their local Habitat ReStore. So upon their return home, Sam set up a day to help the Habitat ReStore. It was only natural for Sam to set up a day of service because that is what her life group at New Life Church is all about, helping in the community to live out their faith.

Part of the heart and soul of New Life Church in Goshen is service in the community. According to Pastor TJ Meehan, “New Life Church has decided to help change this world by giving back!  We have decided that everybody needs to be shown love and kindness, and that everybody should have the opportunity to experience giving back to the community of not only Goshen, Indiana, but to communities around the world.  Here 2 Serve is a part of our mission to impact every person we meet with a warm smile, a kind gesture or a hand that simply wants to give and not expect anything in return.”

“That first Habitat ReStore experience was a lot of WORK!” Sam said. The group cleaned the area behind the former ReStore for hours. Molly Prime, our Community Volunteer Coordinator, worked along with them. She told them more about Habitat for Humanity, how it works, and that a new home would be starting soon.

A few weeks later, Sam called Molly, and a few of her group were out building that week. They started planning their next visit before they left that day.  A larger group came out for the roof raising on Halloween. Sam said, ”Then we decided since we started the house, we wanted to be there for the end it, and see it full circle. So we came a third time on the last Saturday. We try not to be a church that just comes once, and, pat ourselves on the back. We want to show people that we are there to see them all the way through their need.”

Indeed, they did. Sam attended the home dedication in December, 2015. Pastor TJ Meehan was there as well, to say a prayer and bless the new home.

Sam said, “I love Habitat and what it stands for. It is a difficult balance to know when and how to help people and their situations at times. Sometimes all you do is give them immediate relief and that may be all you can do. But you always want to be asking, how can you not just give them a fish, but teach them how to fish, so they have longer lasting hope, love, and peace. I think the Habitat model perfectly represents that.”

Habitat for Humanity of Elkhart County is looking forward to collaborating with Sam and members of New Life Church again on our fall Faith Build in the Middlebury area.

Molly Prime, Volunteer Coordinator

To find out more about Here 2 Serve visit: http://newlifegoshen.com/mission25/