Repurposing Pallets: 10 DIY Projects

RePurposing Pallets | 10 DIY Projects

Pallets are a fabulous material for repurposing. When you take them apart, there’s almost no limit to what you can make with them. Trying to decorate your home on a budget? Here are ten projects you can do to update your home with one of the least expensive materials out there: pallets.

1. Make a porch swing

If you want to get a porch swing but don’t want to shell out a ton of money, why not make your own? Using pallets and rope, this project is simple and inexpensive. Click here for a great tutorial.

pallets 1

2. Create a stunning chandelier

Unique lighting fixtures add a modern touch to any home. There are many ways you can use pallets to make chandeliers and many different unique designs. Get quick instructions on the one below here. Looking for something different? Click here for a detailed tutorial on another unique chandelier design.

pallets 2

3. Make a tree house

Pallets are a great material to use to make treehouses. From forts in trees to mini houses on the ground, pallets are perfect. Get an idea of how the treehouse below was made by clicking here.

pallets 3

4. Turn pallets into a sofa

Everybody loves sofas, but not everybody loves paying an arm and a leg to get one. Be adventurous: use pallets to make you own sofa! Bonus: the sofa below even includes storage! Follow this tutorial to make your own.

pallets 4

5. Create an Adirondack chair

It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to start relaxing outside again. Using one pallet and these downloadable instructions, go ahead and make your own comfortable and sturdy chair! Perfect for reading and resting.

pallets 5a

6. Stand pallets up to create a unique look for your entertainment area

Tired of looking at a blank wall? Stain a couple of pallets and then mount them against the wall! You could even take it a step further and mount a (lightweight) TV and speakers on the pallets to create a unique entertainment center.

pallets 6

7. Make a rolling coffee table

If you want to make a big coffee table that’s easy to move, use this tutorial. It’s both inexpensive and convenient, and has the added bonus of being really pretty.

pallets 7

8. Create a cute dog house

Your furry friends deserve a great project too, so why not make them their own doghouse?  You could make a big, fancy one like the one below, or if you’re looking for something simpler, click here for downloadable instructions for something less complicated.

pallets 8a

9. Whip up a great desk/bookshelf combo

Keep everything organized with this great pallet desk. It’s not too complicated, so look up the instructions here and try your luck!

pallets 9

10. Make a fold-up desk

A neat space-saver, this desk features a fold-up leaf and plenty of room for storage, while fitting right against a wall. Perfect for small rooms and apartments! Click here for the detailed instructions.

pallets 10