Quick Facts
  • 9 families
  • 900 volunteers
  • $1,000,000 investment
  • Building Homes
  • Building Families

If you are interested in volunteering please call
533-6109 or email molly@habitatec.com.

Questions or comments? Email us at info@habitatec.com or call us 574-533-6109.


Beardsley Bulldog Crossing is a development of nine new single family homes across from Beardsley Elementary School, on the north side of Elkhart. This is a great location! Beardsley Elementary, home of the Beardsley Bulldogs, has a huge, open playground and recreation area for kids of all ages. The Kroger’s and Martin’s grocery stores are short walks away, a health clinic is next door to Kroger’s and access to High Dive Park is behind the store. Public access to fishing on the upper St. Joseph River is a block away and several bike trails are within easy reach.

This development will inject nearly $1,000,000 of property value into the area with families paying $10,000/year in property taxes. But most importantly, nine new families will finally have a place to call home – a home they will help to build, a home they will pay for and a stable environment in which to grow into all that God intends for them.

Our families are excited to begin building and we need your help. We need house sponsors, building materials and volunteers to build with our families. Houses are typically built within 4-5 weeks and 100 volunteers are needed for each house. Material and contractor costs average $65,000 per house so we need whole house sponsors and sponsors for portions of houses.