Catching up with Umeki Williams

Goshen,IN– Umeki Williams, our 150th partner family, was recently interviewed by Tim Vandenack of the Elkhart Truth about her transition from homelessness to home ownership. Check out a portion of the article below and if you want to read the complete article click here.

Umeki Williams talks with a reporter in her new home 8/3/2012. Two years ago Williams and her family were homeless and she was fighting to find a job. Today she has a home and job. Her son Dumarrion, age 11, sits with her on her couch. (Truth Photo By J. Tyler Klassen)

ELKHART — Back in 2009, the sour economy wasn’t the only thing on Umeki Williams’ mind.

Her marriage had gone south, and lacking child support from her ex and having no job — no seeming prospects for work, even — the threat of homelessness loomed large. Maybe she and her four kids would end up living in a car, in the street, she worried.

“My only option is that if I don’t find employment, my kids and I will go homeless,” she said three years ago as she frantically struggled to find work. Anything. A job flipping burgers would be fine. Corn detasseling? She’ll take it.

“I had been everywhere,” she recalls. “I went to McDonald’s and across the street at Penguin Point. I put in applications everywhere.”

Fast forward and it all seems like a bad dream that fades with the morning sun. The abusive relationship with her former husband is history. She has a steady job, no longer relies on child support or her ex. She has a home, her own, thanks to help from Habitat for Humanity; and her kids, ages 7 to 18, have a semblance of stability.

“I’m very grateful to where I’m at,” she said. “I never thought I’d be here.”

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