April 2012 – The Mayorga Family

Eddie & Zoila Mayorga

Eddie & Zoila Mayorga

Eddie Mayorga and Zoila Galeano both came to the United States, separately, about 20 years ago. “Maybe you’ve heard of what was going on in Guatemala during that time,” he says. “It was very dangerous. It was a bloodbath.” They arrived, Eddie explains simply, seeking a better life.

Eddie and Zoila met when they were both in California. They blended their families and had their son Nataniel (12) soon after. Why move from sunny California to Elkhart County? Zoila had relatives here, Eddie says, and “the cost of living was very high there. In Indiana, there were plenty of jobs, and it is much less expensive.”

Eddie found his job at Goshen College 11 years ago. Zoila has worked at her job, at Benteler Automotive, for 7 years.

Their church family provides support and comfort for the Mayorgas. They attend Christo Te Ama, a Pentecostal congregation in Elkhart. “We sing, we pray, we praise God,” Zoila smiles. “We listen to testimonies,” Nathan pipes up.

In their free time, the Mayorgas like to spend time with their family. They are grandparents now, thanks to their older children, and Eddie especially enjoys playing with the kids. “He also likes to watch soccer,” Nathan laughs, “and sleep!” “We like to eat together,” Zoila adds. The occasional trip to visit Zoila’s sister in LA is a highly anticipated, special time together.

Eddie and Zoila came to the US to make a better life for their family, but had never been able to buy a home. “It’s the American dream!” Eddie exclaims. Knowing he was tired of renting, Eddie’s supervisor at GC sent him to an information meeting Habitat held at the college in 2009. Through the Habitat program, they have worked on other families’ homes, in Habitat’s ReStore, and have spent class time learning about finances and home ownership. Nathan says he’s happy about their Habitat home. “It’s good!” he says. He hopes to decorate his room in Colts colors. Eddie and Zoila envision many happy years of hosting barbeques and holidays in their new home on 12th St. in Goshen.