10 Great DIY Paint Projects

A Little Paint Goes Along Way | 10 DIY Projects

Paint can be used for much more than painting your walls. Here at the ReStore we have a wide variety of pigments just waiting to be used in creative ways. Having trouble coming up with ideas? Here are ten great DIY projects to do with some ordinary house paint.

1. Make your own colorful vases

Have some old bottles lying around your house? Try this great trick: coat the inside of the bottles with different colors of paint, turn them upside down for a couple days to let them dry inside, and boom! You have whimsically colored vases. You can find a good tutorial here (though if you can’t read Spanish, get Google to translate the page for you).

paint 1

2. Make wall art with paint and wooden dowels

If you want to beautify your walls with some custom 3D art, this project is the one for you. Make a design out of wooden dowels on a wood board and paint it with complementary colors or varying shades. Click here for a great tutorial.

paint 2

3. Paint the inside of your doors for an unexpected pop of color

Have a color you are in love with, but you don’t want to commit to painting an entire wall? Just paint the inside of your door! When you open or close the door, you’ll see a cool pop of color, adding interest and design to an otherwise simple object. These instructions are super simple and easy to follow, if you need a tutorial.

paint 3

4. Use paint and tape to create patterned vases

Here’s a variation on the painted wine bottle idea. Create a design on the outside of your wine bottle using painter’s tape, then paint the whole bottle. Give it a couple of days to dry and then peel off the tape, revealing your pretty design. Have some messy spots? Use a q-tip and nail polish remover to clean up your design.

paint 4

5. Update your cabinet doors with a neat pattern

This project is also a really easy and cool way to use painter’s tape and a nice pigment to create a modern design for your cabinet doors. Create a pretty design like the one below using the tape, and then paint over it. Let it dry, and then peel away the tape to reveal your gorgeous work. Want to spice things up even more? Paint a base color first (perhaps in a lighter pigment in the some color family), let it dry, and then follow the steps above.

paint 5

6. Make your own abstract painting

Again, painter’s tape is a designer’s best friend. Just like the previous two project, use your trusty painter’s tape to make a cool design. Use different colors and patterns to fill in the spaces between the tape, let it dry, then peel away. Simple and beautiful.

paint 6

7. Use paint to turn an old chair into an ombré masterpiece

This project is really creative, and will turn a boring chair into a real conversation piece. Click here for the amazing tutorial.

paint 7

8. Paint your drawers a contrasting color

A variation on the door idea, this is another way to make a regular dresser into something more special. Take the drawers out of your dresser, paint them whichever color you want, let them dry, then put them back. Every time you open your drawers you’ll get a colorful surprise.

paint 8

9. Brighten up old furniture with a fresh coat of paint

Sometimes when you’re thrifting you stumble across a great piece of furniture that has a terrible finish. Rather than moving on, go ahead and get it, them spruce it up with a bright paint job. Here’s a great example of the magic of fresh paint!

paint 91

paint 9

10. Completely overhaul a thrift store cabinet

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint isn’t quite enough to save a thrift store cabinet, but it is a great start. Use this tutorial as a guide for a complete cabinet makeover. The results will amaze you!

paint 10