10 DIY Window Repurposing Projects

0 DIY Window Repurposing Projects

Here at the ReStore we have a lot of random things that can be made into completely amazing, functional DIY projects. One of these things we have here in abundance is a huge selection of old windows. Believe it or not, old windows are the perfect building material for a ton of different things, so we thought we’d give you a small sampling of some great projects using old windows.

1. Make a special photo display.

Using a hollowed-out window frame, some string, clothespins, and photos, create a unique photo display such as this one. It’s simple, easy, and with your great photos, completely one of a kind.

windows 1

2. Create your own laundry room drying rack.

Drying delicates can be a tricky task, which means you need a great drying rack to get the job done. Click here for an awesome tutorial on how to take an old window frame and use it to create your very own high-quality drying rack.

windows 2

3. Use a tall window as a partial room divider.

Want to create some privacy or the illusion of more space? Use a big old window as a room divider. Add a fresh coat of paint to the wood for a cleaner look, or leave as is for a more rustic feeling.

windows 3

4. Make a little terrarium.

Upcycle windows and picture frames by combining them to make a sweet baby terrarium. Find instructions for this great project here.

windows 4

5. Another photo display idea.

I know, we’ve shown you one photo display idea already. But this one is as simple as they come; all you have to do is turn a window sideways and tape your photos into the center of the squares. All you have to do then is affix it to the wall.

windows 5

6. Save space by making your own hanging pot rack.

Storing pots and pans in cabinets or drawers can be annoying; everything seems to get stuck together, you can never find the pot you’re looking for, the drawers get stuck open or shut, and so on. A great solution is to make a hanging rack for your pots and pans. Here’s a fantastic tutorial on how to make one of these babies using an old window. Genius!

windows 6

7. Create a unique table.

Windows are great because you can see through them; it’s their entire allure. Use this great feature of windows to your advantage and make what could be an ordinary table into something extraordinary. This site gives a really fabulous tutorial on how to make this neat table.

windows 7

8. Make a unique shadowbox to add beauty to your walls.

No tutorial for this one, but the idea’s pretty simple. Find (or make) a shallow wooden box which matches the dimensions of a window you wish to use. Insert wooden boards to divide space and create little display areas as shown in the pictures. Put anything you find beautiful inside the shadowbox: sand, seashells, stones, pressed flowers, art, collectibles, etc. Finish by attaching the window to the front of your box; make sure you use hinges if you think you’ll ever want to change things around inside your display case!

windows 8

9. Create a coffee table that doubles as handy storage for books and magazines.

Coffee table books and pretty magazines are meant to be seen. What better way to show them off while being practical than to make a coffee table that you can not only store things in, but see exactly what you’re storing? Bonus: you’ll protect your precious books and magazines from the danger of spilled drinks and food without sacrificing your ability to admire them.

windows 9

10. Use chalkboard paint to turn an old window into a message board.

This one’s just plain smart: create your own chalkboard to make notes, messages, or even menus. Paint over window panes with chalkboard paint and then simply mount on the wall. If you’d rather use just a wooden board and some tape, click here for a tutorial. But trust us, using a window is way more interesting.

windows 10